What a day it’s been. running around trying to get the family in order, laundry has to be done, food cooked and to top it all the small matter of the boss demanding more than ever from me.

How do I cope? I ask so many times but I do. So many tell me,  “I admire your energy. ” Always with a smile on my face, nothing deters me from my objectives or my  goals.

What the outside world sees and what is happening on the inside are complete opposite poles.

Then it starts. THE LEAK ! What may seem like a normal cough to the outside world is a demon in mine. I do believe that the extra stress in my life at the moment as contributed to THE LEAK. Even tho stress incontinence has no bearing on mental stress, it is all to do with the physical stress placed on the bladder. However since I have had extra pressure, at work and  in my private life THE LEAK has slowly infiltrated into my life.

My biggest fear is not the fact of leaking – that I have learnt to deal with, as millions of us sufferers do, but its the amount I leak. What if I get off my chair and I leave a damp patch? How embarrasing, what do I say? ” sorry about that. Pelvic floor muscles taking a little rest today”.

I have learnt that the physical problem is hard enough, but dealing with the emotional side is even harder. Let’s face it society isn’t a very forgiving breed, and are very judgmental unless you happen to be one of the millions who suffer incontinence.

How can I tell anyone? Will they understand? Increadible as it may seem, married for a dinasour age and I still can’t tell my husband. If I tell him, me at the grand age of 42, prime of my life, wisom in one hand, experience in the other, and yet to admit I! the backbone of the family! wonderwoman (not a name I gave myself) I can’t admit I leak. Getting older, things on my body are starting to head south. If I can’t feel attractive how on earth can he? No, I won’t tell him just yet.

Right now the only people I feel comfortable talking about incontience is you. Why? Because you won’t judge me. You won’t pity me. You won’t shun me. You will simply understand me.

Thank you for listening. It is now your turn to open up and talk about it.  

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