Who Am I?

I’m your nurse when you are sick.
I’m a mother to our children.
I’m  grandmother to our grandchildren.
I’m your security when you feel insecure.
I’m your lover in times of passion.
I’m your confidence when you lack self belief.
I’m your Pychologist when you are confused.
I’m your cook when you are hungry.
I’m your housekeeper.
I’m your friend.
I’m your accountant managing the household expenses.
I’m your teacher when you need to know new things.
I’m your soulmate.

I’m all the the above when you need me to be. But you know what you have forgotten?
I AM STILL A WOMAN. Being all of the above and more how easy it is to forget who we really are.

Happy womans day. Go spoil yourself. You have earned it.