Well ladies, 9 years of research into the incontinence world. 9 years of feeling empathy for all those who suffer the condition and here I am one of you. If you have read mum and my story you will discover why it is so important I now write this post.

Preparing for the biggest challenge of my life – getting my new innovation to prevent stress incontinence off the ground, the mental stress levels were through the ceiling. And to put the icing on the cake, I had the worst case of brochitis ever.

As I coughed and spluttered to my horror, I realised I leaked. I was mortified. Me leak? 42 and leaking? My first reaction was to keep quite and it may not come back. After all my years of trying to get people to NOT keep quiet about the condition, here was I doing just that.

I felt my world had started to crumble. Looking in from the outside and helping people was far easier than admitting I was now one of the statistics.

I hate pads! I hate the thought of having to be aware all the time! Does this mean the end of the begining or the begining of the end?

Luckily I have my innovation that I can now say It works for me personally.

It took courage for me to tell people, Yes I leak! This is certainly a prolem over looked and under diagnosed.

There is no shame in having stress incontinence, but it is a shame if you do nothing about it. It will not go away unless you do something about it.

Leaky ladies we need to stand together and help each other. I would love to hear your personal experiences and how you dealt with them.